LEE County asistencia para la cuota de entrada en la compra de su casa : Ft Myers, Cape Coral & Lehigh Acres

Aqui los detalles en Ingles de los programas de asistencia para la cuota de entrada en el condado de Lee que comprende Fort Myers, Cape Coral y Lehigh Acres.

El condado puede ayudarlo con hasta $10,000 para el downpayment o cuota de entrada en la compra de su casa. De acuerdo a la pagina del condado en este momento hay fondos disponibles para ayuda. Si necesita mas informacion visite la pagina del condado.

Si esta buscando vender, comprar o necesita el financiamiento o refinanciamiento de su casa, condo, villa, duplex, terreno, edificio, propiedades de inversion o negocios en las cualquier ciudad de Florida: Naples, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, Miami, Tampa, Orlando entre otras o dude en contactar a Danny Andrade, NMLS#885021, Realtor al (239) 333-9729 o via email a 3339729@gmail.com.




  1. The HOME Down Payment Assistance Program provides down payment and/or closing cost assistance to those who qualify. Lee County will determine the minimum amount of assistance based on need. We will look at the lender’s required minimum down payment (less earnest money deposit paid by the homebuyer) and reasonable closing costs. Maximum assistance in any case is 10% of the purchase price or $10,000, whichever is less (minimum assistance $1,000). Lee County will not provide additional down payment assistance to lower debt-to-income ratios to be within our required maximum debt-to-income ratios. If homebuyer utilizes a loan program that requires $0 down payment, the Lee County will only provide closing cost assistance. If homebuyer is receiving Florida Bond/Florida Assist assistance and/or gift funds, then Lee County will not assist unless the amount of Florida Bond/Florida Assist and/or gift funds is not enough to cover the lender required minimum down payment and reasonable closing costs.

Homebuyer shall not contribute any of their own funds (except initial earnest money deposit) towards additional down payment (over and above lender required minimum down payment). The homebuyer may contribute their own funds for additional down payment ONLY if the lender’s required minimum down payment and reasonable closing costs are more than Lee County’s $10,000 or 10% maximum.

The home being purchased must appraise at or above the sales price in order to qualify for assistance. If all the approved funds are not utilized at the closing, the title company will be required to issue a refund payable to Lee County BoCC, c/o Lee County Department of Human Services. The homebuyer cannot receive any cash back, including the reimbursement of any money paid towards earnest money deposit, application fee, appraisal, etc.

Some ineligible closing costs are:

 payment of debts such as collections

 home inspection fees

 home repairs

We can cover other reasonable closing costs and pre-paids including prepaid interest, tax and insurance escrows, discount points (as needed, to qualify for program), broker’s fees, homeowner’s and flood insurance premiums, etc.

  1. Homebuyer must be able to obtain a commitment for a new first mortgage (not an assumption) from a lending institution (30 year, fixed rate; no ARM or balloon mortgage and no prepayment penalties allowed). Property taxes and homeowner’s insurance must be escrowed. NOTE: Non-occupying co-borrowers/co-signers are NOT allowed. Any borrower not on Lee County’s mortgage and note cannot be on the deed.
  2. Must be purchasing a single family home, condo, or PUD in Lee County, Florida. Double-wide mobile/manufactured homes are also included if 1976 or newer and situated on owned land; but no duplexes or homes with attached or detached mother-in-law units. Homes with in-ground pools of any type are not allowed.
  3. The home must be existing (must have received its certificate of occupancy at least one year prior to making application for assistance). No new construction. MAXIMUM PURCHASE PRICE IS $138,000 (effective 1/1/14).
  4. The house being purchased must be: currently occupied by the owner, vacant, or occupied by the homebuyer. At the time the buyer and seller enter into a contract (all the way through to the closing), the house cannot be occupied by tenants not purchasing the property.

S:\HSNG\FORMS\HOME\HOME DPA Info Sheet 5.1.14.docx Revised 2-7-2014

  1. Homebuyer’s household must meet HUD’s guidelines for low income households:
HUD’s Guidelines effective May 1, 2014
Family Size Maximum Gross AnnualHousehold Income Family Size Maximum Gross AnnualHousehold Income
1 $32,500 5 $50,150
2 $37,150 6 $53,850
3 $41,800 7 $57,550
4 $46,400 8 $61,250


7. Homebuyer must attend a HUD certified homebuyer education workshop/class and provide a certificate of completion to Lee County. You can contact one of the following agencies to sign up for the class: Lee County Housing Development Corp., 239-275-5105, x102; Home Ownership Resource Center, 239-673-9192; Affordable Homeownership Foundation, Inc., 239-689-4944; Cape Coral Housing Development Corp., 239-471-0922; Housing Authority of the City of Fort Myers, 239-332-3825; or the REALTOR® Association of the Greater Fort Myers, 239-936-3537, x240 (www.snoopzone.info).

8. Homebuyer does not need to be a first time home buyer, but cannot own any other homes at the time of application.

9. Homebuyer must agree to occupy the property as their principal residence and maintain a homestead exemption during the ten (10) year second mortgage term.

10. Mortgage payment must be affordable. Maximum front-end ratio is 30% (total housing payment plus homeowner’s association fees, if any, divided by gross monthly income cannot exceed 30%). Maximum back-end ratio is 45% (total housing payment, plus homeowner’s association fees, if any, AND other recurring debts such as credit card payments, car payments, student loans, etc. divided by gross monthly income cannot exceed 45%). There are NO exceptions to these maximum debt-to-income ratios. We use the income of all occupying household members to calculate the debt-to-income ratio. Another debt-to-income consideration is that the property taxes are based on the current year’s (most recent) tax bill, regardless of the property status.

11. All assets will be considered when calculating annual income (i.e.: checking/savings accounts, IRA’s, 401(k)’s, CD’s, cash value life insurance, etc.)

12. The property must pass HUD’s required inspection. The Department of Human Services’ inspector will perform the inspection. The initial $50 application fee covers the 1st inspection and one re-inspection. After that, a $50 fee for all further re-inspections beyond the first re-inspection will apply, and be paid by seller (money order) to Lee County Department of Human Services (payable to Lee County BoCC) prior to the re-inspection proceeding. NOTE: This inspection is NOT a home inspection. We strongly encourage all homebuyers to obtain a home inspection. If buyer obtains a home inspection, a copy should be forwarded to Lee County. If homebuyer obtains a home inspection, the house must still pass HUD’s required inspection. House must not exceed HUD’s guidelines for the number of persons allowed per bedroom.

S:\HSNG\FORMS\HOME\HOME DPA Info Sheet 5.1.14.docx Revised 2-7-2014

Annual monitoring of properties will take place during the second mortgage term including random site checks to ensure that properties are still owner-occupied.

13. If the house being purchased was built PRIOR TO 1978, the Lender will provide Lee County with a lead-based paint inspection conducted by an EPA/HUD certified inspector or certified lead-based paint risk assessor indicating a lead-based paint hazard free home. Buyer will have to pay for this inspection. Inspection should not be ordered until a HOME Down Payment Assistance Approval has been issued.

14. We place a ten-year (10) second mortgage on the property being purchased. Zero percent interest (0%) and no monthly payments will be due. The second mortgage is self-amortizing and will reduce at a rate of 10% per year. As long as the property is occupied as a primary residence and homesteaded for the ten-year term, a satisfaction of mortgage will be given and the second mortgage will not have to be repaid. If, during the ten-year term, the property is sold, transferred, leased, or first mortgage is refinanced, or is not owner-occupied and homesteaded, then the prorated balance of the second mortgage will be due and payable. Future requests for subordination will be considered on a case by case basis.

15. The lender applies for the assistance from Lee County (on behalf of the homebuyer). The lender completes a (1) lender referral form, (2) includes a completed DPA Application and (3) attaches several required documents as listed on DPA application checklist and forwards the package to Lee County for review. Along with the package, the lender needs to include a $50 cashier’s check or money order from the purchaser, as an application fee (non-refundable; payable to Lee County BoCC). Lenders, please note:

a. If the title company chosen is not a Lee County Vendor please add one week to the process for set up.

b. The time required to receive a check from Lee County is 2 to 2-1/2 weeks (in addition to file processing time).

c. If the property does not pass the HUD HQS inspection the project cannot be funded.

d. Checks and packages can be released only after the HUD has been approved by Lee County.

16. If you have any questions or need further information please contact:

Debbie Curran

Housing Finance Counselor

Lee County Department of Human Services

Phone: (239) 533-7938

Fax: (239) 533-7955

E-mail: dcurran@leegov.com

Our mailing address is:

Lee County Department of Human Services

Attn: Debbie Curran

P.O. Box 398

Fort Myers, FL 33902

Our office is located 2440 Thompson Street, Fort Myers, FL 33901.



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